Pattaya to Chiang Mai on CBR 150

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  1. Routes:3, 314, 304, 2121, LOST, 3076, 33, 1, 21, 12, 11. Depart 0845 with half tank of gas.

    I took Rt 3 out of Pattaya and had intended to take 3200 north out of Chachengsao to link up with 33- but I got lost agter leaving Chachensao. It was noonish, so I kept the sun at my back and stumbled onto 3076 and then north to Nakhon Nayok. The roads before and after NN were rough and potholed; the upside was the many fish farms/ rice paddies and flocks of long legged white cranes (?)

    Past Saraburi I get on Rt 21 and its smooth sailing. I let the throttle out a bit and the CBR cruises at 110- 120, no problema. I hit 130, but it feels to fast and, anyway, whats the hurry? 100 kPh feels especially comfortable and the new Michelin Pilot Sporties are smooth as silk :)

    I'm making good time now but around 4 pm I'm thinking its time to call it a day. I do not notice any hotels, so I motor on. Then, at 1800 just north of Petchabun I notice a sign, B350 so I pull of. Its back a lane, quiet and I take the room. Clean, WiFi and a large palte of krapao muu chin is only 50 baht.

    First day I clocked 507 kms. Sure beats traveling on my old Honda Wave CZi 110...

    I'm on the road at 0800 and take Rt 12 west from Lomsak. This part of the ride is great and I'm really enjoying the scenery. Traffic is light, so what's not to like?

    Break time at a road side market

    Coffe Shop

    Great view

    Delicious coffee and three roasted eggs, only 50 baht


    Motor on, then a late lunch break


    Arrived at Chiang Mai at 1500 and checked in to the Lux. Great hotel, 700 baht, but they must be booked, could only get a room for one night. Must be a good high season comming.

    I'm keeping a spreadsheet and after 3,000 kms my fuel economy is 40 kPl. My CBR is a 2010 carb model. Coincidental, but on Rt 11 eastbound I counted five new CBR 250s and one old style CBR 150. They were traveling seperately but I was suprised to see so many, but after I bought my 150 I do tend to notice them :)

    Pattaya to Chiang Mai, 998 kms.
  2. Nice! Petchabun has some fantastic roads- see you already discovered Khao Kho.

    Make sure you hit Highway 12 through Nam Nao National Park and the amazing 2331 up to Phu Hin Rong Kla! :happy1:
  3. Well done..... my fat botty would've been complaining like hell on your bike..... what weight are you?

    Yep, great riding up Petchabun/Lom Sak way, then on up past Uttaradit to Den Chai, Lampang & Lamphun..... great riding.
  4. Hi T. I used your proposed route per a post... some where :) 21 & 12 are great roads and I enjoyed the ride.

    I think a good high season is in the making, I could only stay one night at the Lux and many guest houses in the old city were full. I finally found an air con room at Vipa House, Loi Kroh, soi 1. Baht 450 per night with air con :)
  5. Hi M! My weight? around 86 kilos

    I was your neighbor for a couple of days on Siam Country Club :)
  6. There ya go..... I'm (my butt!) is 20kg heavier!! I'll bet you can sling that thing around like a pro!

    You were staying at Edy's MX guesthouse when Chris was fitting the chain and sprockets on my Africa Twin? Nice bloke eh? He said he's thinking of coming up Chiang Mai way to see what all the torque is about!
  7. Yep, that was me and Chris is a good guy :)

    Your Africa Twin is a nice looking bike and I'm sure you are having a blast touring the north.
  8. Good to see you up here in the North & having a good time.
    Glad to know you were in Euro Diner today too & fancy meeting up Moto-Rex there first day back. Whooppee.
  9. Thanks D, it's a small world! I'm off to Mae Sot, then Kanchanaburi and back to Pattaya :)

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