Pattaya Wet And Wild Khao Mai Khiew

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  1. Pattaya Wet and Wild Khao Mai Khiew

    Sunday morning Enduro

    If you receive video unavailable watch on a PC or Mac.. Reason copyright music on mobile devices in your region or country.

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  2. I am sure Moto-Rex recognises some of those trails.
    Especially F... Me mountain.. ;-)
  3. Yeh...I'm still having nightmares.

    Moto-Rex was Moto-Wreaked that day. :eek:
  4. Looks great fun mate. Why build the log ramp? Need to learn to wheelie that crap...even the bouncers. I need more practice too, oddly am better with rocks then trees - stupid brain. o_O
  5. Looks like real fun. Nice one...
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  6. A few of us started practicing certain things Saturday afternoons. Last Saturday was cornering in the sand.. Next Saturday jumps, getting the front tyre up.
    Actually looking to set up a weekend coaching with some of the more experienced guys.

    Want to keep improving. Hacking around is great but nice when you have some tricks up your sleeve.

    Only really started riding enduro the last three years. Two years before that more klx offroad adventure riding. One of the best things I did meeting these guys and weekend bush whacking.

    6 years road riding 5 years dirt and last 3 years enduro.

    Never to old to learn..

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  7. Its a new level of freedom above road riding and your so so right - never too old to start. I started at 46 and am the second oldest bugger here at 50.5 now. Boy do I have loads more to improve...just hard to break that 'you don't heal as fast or well anymore' thing...don't understand that bit hehe I got lucky and had 2 days riding and coaching with Chris Birch last November...helped me heaps - worth every penny that! I hope to be in position to do that again as it helped tremendously. If anyone has a chance to get proper coaching by the likes of Birchy or Shane Watts (who just returned to Oz this month) please do so you will not regret it unless you skip it.

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