Pee's Kok River Water Commission

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  1. Title has to be a bit pompous as I only intend to post a few pics of Kok River in mid September.
    The water level inspection is a good alibi for a day trip out from Chiang Rai as graciously suggested by the GT Rider map.

    Start on the south side, keep going west, cross the river on the "motorcycle bridge" and come back on the north side of the river. In all about 100 km for a very enjoyable ride experiencing different lights. Weather changes very quickly in this season.

    Beginning on tarmac and the sky is dark almost black.







    All pics are taken from the south side.
  2. Pee
    Wow! The Kok's up alright then. Looks like you are still enjoying the good life in CEI then.
    Thanks for posting & keeping us informed.
  3. Indeed I really enjoy the light and the greens at this time of the year.
    It was good to get back the Suzuki after the alternator failure which kept it of the road for a while. Thanks to Good Will-Joe Bike it runs even better than before. They have done a brilliant job. Thanks and respect...

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