Peee Ta Koon Festival Hotel Info

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    DanSai Resort Hotel


    Theres nothing fancy about this place but it he closest one to the festival, last time we stayed 35 Klms away, this is a popular event and that is why I went today and booked horel rooms if yuo want to go and want to stay Dan Sai, I stongly remmend yuo book hotels now.

    Fan rooms are 750, air con 1K per night.

    I put 1K deposits each on three rooms today




    No one expressed any interest so I didn't book any other rooms. The lady is going to want a deposit so you will probably have to do a bank transfer. I told her about Gtriders and she has the name in her book. But you will need to work that out with her. She does not speak english so you need a Thai Speaker.

    The rooms are booked for Friday June 26th and Saturday June 27 th

    David Koon Bit says hello kittung koon mak mak, she is sure a nice lady.

    Helped us find the closest hotel to the event.

    If you guys haven't been to this before it is one heck of a lot of fun, emough so that this the second time for me in a many years. Should be more fun this time we don't have to ride 35 Klms back to the room. Heck I might even have a beer and I don't even drink. :lol:

    Remeber I said it was not a fancy hotel but it's clean and comfortable and close.

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