Penang Malaysia International Bike Week 9-10 August 2008

Jun 21, 2006
Jul 17, 2007
I'll go if I can get time off work.

Though I do wish these bike weeks would drop the silly 'Ride For Peace' slogans.

We should have a 'Support the Troops' slogan but I don't think that'd go over too well in Malaysia.
Mar 21, 2007
We should have a 'Support the Troops' slogan but I don't think that'd go over too well in Malaysia.

Don't think it would go over too well in most countries!


Mar 5, 2006
RobertH & I were in Penang a couple of weeks ago.
Kenny @ Planet Bikes was dismissive about the "week" as the date was constantly changing,
and he was unable to plan anything or confirm anything about the week.
So if you are going down do try & confirm it before hand.

Also we rode through from Pattani, Narathiwat [with a diversion to Yala which you may care to miss out].
But using the coastal highway [42/4084/4057] to cross over to Sungai Kolok is easy and not hazardous,
but then you have a great ride awaiting you on the otherside.
Take the road [Route 4] to Jeli and the turning for Gerik you have a great ride through the mountains and stunning dam.
10kms north of Gerik is a new highway to Butterworth which is a stunning road of 4th gear roll-on/roll-off riding with sweeping corners through great country.
Pick up for the signs for P Penang and the bridge and you are there.

On the way back you may care to head back via the border crossing @ Betong.
Betong has taken on a certain mistique amongst Malaysian bikers on their search for what they quaintly call "Hanky Panky".
IMO Betong is a fly-blown fleapit - if you want it's paltry offerings better to head on up for Hat Yai.
Though do fuel up before you get back into Thailand - trying to find fuel on the road to Yala can be interesting!
Tho there is a legit gas station 50 & 35 kms before you get to Yala.
I found 5 litres of "cherryaid" in a market, which was an interesting insight to the troubled province.
The pleasure for me was the Betong to Yala road - a great, albeit somewhat potholed, but interesting road through great country.

BTW the customs @ Betong are very slack and unaware of processing your temporary export paper.
After 45 mis of remonstrating they finally got around to entering the paperwork in the computer.
O/wise my bike would still be listed as being abroad!