Permission from owner to export bike


Mar 26, 2005
We came through the Friendship Bridge 2 days ago on TDM bought from Siam Superbikes. The bike is not in our name but I had made sure that Peter completed the Permission to Export document which I printed from this site (thanks David FL). Was a bit worried still as we did not seem to have the right I.D. docs for the owner. When we got to the Bridge on the Thai side they were not interested in the I.D. docs, giving those straight back to us. They just looked at the green book and shook their heads saying "different name". As soon as Dave waved the Permission doc at them, their attitude changed completely. They just loved the document and showed it to all their colleagues. They completed the paperwork and we were out of Thailand in about 10 minutes - a big relief. So the moral of the story is, if the bike is not in your name, print the Permission form from this site and get someone to complete it in Thai and you should have no problems.

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