Permission To Export Form Traveling To Laos


Jun 1, 2018
Hi everyone,

I've been trying to search Google, the forum and the DLT website without any luck so far for the form "permission to export" for a land crossing by motorbike that is owned by my wife, not me. The DLT did not allow me to register my bike in BKK since my WP states I work in another province, although we live in BKK. Long story short, we registered it in my wife's name, paid cash, no finance. We have the green book, 1st class insurance etc.

Two questions:
1. Where can I find the form that allows me to take the bike to Laos without my wife being physically present?

2. Is there an arbitrary treatment between border crossings in the acceptance of this way of getting into Laos? I have read the threads so far on the Laos forum and the Thai part of the forum but I cannot find anything specifically related to this.

Any recent updates on changes? The bike is 411cc so there shouldn't be a problem on the minimum displacement in cc.

Many thanks!