Pha Dai - Wiang Kaen - The Mekong End Of The Road

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    Kaeng Pha Dai
    GTR - IMG_5124.JPG

    42 kms downstream from Chiang Khong, there is a wild rocky section of the Mekong where it flows away from Thailand & into Laos, due to a quirk in the border negotiations with the French once upon a time.

    GTR - IMG_5157B.JPG

    After Pha Dai the river is no longer the border between Thailand and Laos until way downstream where the Nam Heung river runs into the Mekong at Ban Tha Ma Di, between Na Kra Seng and Chiang Khan.

    This section of the Mekong at Pha Dai is famous for the rocks & rapids in the river. It was also a very food fishing ground for the Mekong fishermen. It is a stunning section of the Khong, & a bit tucked out of the way, but is well worth a visit.

    I've been out there several times over the years & the place is always picturesque. There are some reports of visits on GTR, but damned if I can find them all. However here are a few pics from over the years.

    2004 in the dry season

    A trip with Dave Silverhawk Early: Fang - Chiang Khong Loop
    The end of the road in 2004
    Up the steps somewhere there is a border boundary post, That Ian Yonok has checked out, but I can't find the post at the moment.
    This area was once a major smuggling zone, plus a path for communist insurgents once upon a time.


    With Destination Thailand TV, Ian & the DTTV guys

    GTR - IMG_5111.JPG

    GTR - IMG_5097B.JPG

    and the river is up. How the boatmen navigate on this river always amazes me.
    GTR - IMG_5112.JPG

    The area has been cleaned up a bit for tourism promotion.
    GTR - IMG_5104.JPG

    GTR - IMG_5137ACDC.JPG

    The end of the road & some nice new asphalt
    GTR - IMG_5095.JPG

    GTR - IMG_5116.JPG

    GTR - IMG_5113.JPG

    GTR - IMG_5117.JPG

    Some GTR Reports that mention Pha Dai

    Fang - Chiang Khong Loop

    On the road with Destination Thailand TV part 8

    There are more but can't find them at the moment. Ian & Ron Webb please help with links if you can.

    Of note too is that have held Valentine's Day Festivals there
    Valentine’s Day Festival to Be held at Pha Dai Rapids | Bangkok Informer
    date unknown?
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