Phang Nga Park & Waterfall - Beyond The Sarasin Bridge


May 7, 2017

Finally the second video in my would-be series of Beyond the Sarasin Bridge. Suan Somdet Phra Srinagarindra is a park in Phang Nga, a location that I often wondered about but never bothered to check until last week. Just goes to show, leave no stone (or limestone karst) unturned!

Monkeys chilling out, a lovely park dog, fresh air, a vast lake, and enough road inside that, if you closed it off, would make a pretty nice track (without safety run-offs). Was also a great opportunity to continue honing my drone shots. Not easy with a legal flight altitude limit of 90 metres and a lot of wind but hey, I thought it turned out okay-ish.

Waterfall just further North, Sa Nang Manora, is also lovely if a tad busy on the weekends. But the rocks aren't too slippery, and once you're in the really cold water, fish nibble away at your toes. Very chill, and the road leading to it is great for riding too, nice and curvy - smooth as well.

Phang Nga Park & Waterfall Flickr Album
Sarasin to Phang Nga Park Google Map
Sarasin to Phang Nga Waterfall Google Map
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