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  1. I own a TA 200 that is about 3 1/2 years old . I recently went to my local honda dealership for an oil change . I have read on differant forums that there is a problem with the cam chain tensioner . I asked the manager,who speaks excellant English but is not a mechanic about replaceing the tensioner . He had no idea but called Honda . He then tells me it is a big deal and the engine has to be removed . Is this true ? Where is the tensioner located ? I have about 23000km and it was recomended to replace cam chain tensioner at 25000km....thanks ..Mike
  2. No need to replace if you don't have any weird sounds when the bike is warming up. It's a "metal piece" behind the cylinder, should take no more than half an hour to replace, no big deal. Sometimes they get gunked up, I'd try to clean it first before replacing it.
    The guy probably didn't even know what you're talking about, usually Thais then tell you it's almost impossible to do. Don't worry - it's a Honda!
  3. Thanks guys .. I kinda think the Mgr. knew exactly what I was asking as his English was excellent . After he called Honda he had his lead mechanic start the engine put his ear near the cylinder wall . He said it sounded norrmal but if it started to make different sound bring the bike in . Thanks KZ for the info . It was easy to find and looks fairly simple to remove the metal plate ...Here is a link of and exploded view of the TA200 camshaft gear and thanks again...Mike

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