Phantoms on the Luang Prabang Loop

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    Myself my girlfrend Napa and my longtime rideing buddy Sean left Chang Mai to start our trip to Lao.

    DAY 1: Chiang Mai - Chiang Khong
    We take the 118-120-A2-1022-A2-1022-A3 to Chiang Khong.
    We stay at Rimnam guesthouse 350 baht. Nice room great view of the mekong.
    We arrive to late to start our paperwork so we just kick back and enjoy the view.

    DAY 2: Chiang Khong - Houei Xai
    We get up and start our paperwork on the Thai side.Thanks to Silverhalk and David for there great reports, it makes it pretty easy for a first timer like me.
    Then off to load the bikes onto the boat
    we paid 550 baht for each bike,riders free. We got the small boat, no waiteing. A short ride and we are at the unloading ramp in Houei Xai.
    We do all the paperwork and get insurance then off to get our visas. Not to much hassle but it was nice to have the Thai GF along.
    By the time we finnish the paperwork its 1pm and we decide to get a room at Oudomphone G.H. 300 baht nice room and we can pull the bikes in a locked room at night.
    We have lunch and enjoy some beer Lao on the river.

    DAY 3: Houei Xai - Luang Namtha
    This is the new road and its nice and twistie with new pavement, but I have the gf on back so we are just putting along.
    We get passed by about 15 BMW GS riders they are easily doubleing our speed. Ride it fast or slow its a fine road.
    Lots of happy waveing kids in the small villages and nice mountain views today. Its cool even in leathers,but no rain.Yahoo nice day!
    In Luang Namtha we stay at Khamking G.H. 22o baht its also a sells honda motorcycles and we pull our bikes inside next to the new waves and dreams. Its cool here and it rains overnight.

    DAY 4: Luang Nam Tha - Boten - Oudom Xai
    We take our time and wait to see what the weather will do this morning here is a photo of Luang Namtha
    We get a break in the weather and get on the bikes and ride up to Boten this is a ok ride and we stop for a few photos.
    We head back to Na Teuy and turn right on the 13 and start off to Oudom Xai.
    I have read the reports about this road and I agree this is not a fun road 2up with bags on a Phantom. Many pavement breaks with rough dirt sections but on the bike you can weave your way through much of it.
    I remember asking Sean what he tought "That kinda sucked"was his reply.
    Napa said "Bumpy a little" ha ha.
    It was not that bad but a slow section on a road bike for sure. Sorry no photos of this road it was getting late and looking like rain so we did not stop much.
    We arrive in Oudom Xai and stay at the Phoxay G.H. 50,000 kip and a short walk to dinner and beer Lao!

    DAY 5: Oudom Xai
    Rain today, so we just hang out and walk around town. Here is a photo of downtown

    DAY 6: Oudom Xai - Luang Prabang
    No rain today so we get a early start. The road to Pak Mong is bumpy a little but not a bad ride through the mountains.
    The road from Pak Mong to L.P. is just beautyful with good pavement and great mountain views. CIMG1224.
    It was nice to use 6th gear again!
    We arrive in L.P. and stay at Sokdee guesthouse 25 usd a nice place 1 block off the Mekong.

    Day 7: Luang Prabang
    We walk and ride the bikes around town.

    Day 8: Luang Prabang - Vang Vieng
    This is one nice ride on good pavement. Just a great day to be rideing a bike. Sunshine, beautyful views and good pavement=good time.
    Allow extra time for sight seeing.
    We make it to Vang Vieng and stay at Phaserday guesthouse 50,000 kip its ok.

    DAY 9: Vang Vieng
    We stay in V.V. for the day and enjoy walking around town and seeing the river. Next time we will have to try the innertube bar hop on the river.

    Day 10: Vang Vieng - Vientiane
    Light rain this morning. I look at the internet and it says sunny in Vientiane. The vote is to go, we put on raingear and ride through it in an hour or so. When the sun comes out its a straight shot to Vientiane.
    While in the city rideing around looking for a hotel we get flagged over by a cop. OK now what did I do? He said we tryied to run a red light and that we now were parked in a crosswalk. Bull S... he just wanted some beer money. Anyway he had our paperwork and I paid the fine on the spot lol.
    So be careful when rideing aroung Lane Xang area. Later that day we talked to some Lao women and they said this is commen here. O well much cheeper than a real ticket in the states.
    We stay at Ekalath Metropole hotel 700 baht and a nice big room with everything.
    Later we go eat on the river and have more beer Lao!

    Day 11: Vientiane.
    Walk and ride around town.

    Day 12: Vientiane - Udon Thani
    Make it out of town to the border, a stop at the duty free. Some quick paperwork ,cross the bridge and we are back in Thailand. All today easy and fast. Once back in Thailand the roads are so nice, ha ha.

    Anyway it was a great trip I look foreward to going back. Dont hesitate to do this ride on any bike....Cheers,Al[/img]
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  3. Ian Bungy

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    Well done Guys. Quite a Trip and good to be able to take such a long time to enjoy it :D Most Guys rush as they have to get back to work or whatever so 12 Days is a real Cruise and you were on the right Bike to Cruise. Keep it up.
  4. burnjr

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    nice report and journey..12 days in loas..
  5. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    A real good little read - you guys made it sound all too easy & only riding Honda Phantoms!
    So it just goes to show you you dont need a big adventure bike, just the spirit of adventure & a nice attitude with the plan to only cruise along & enjoy yourselves.

    I bet you were glad that you had the rain gear with you, as it does get chilly in Laos in the wet.
    Did you notice any performance differences with the bikes using Lao petrol?

    All you other Chiang Mai Honda Phantom riders take note - you too can do The Luang Prabang Loop. It's easy. So why not have a go "soon."
  6. blkphantom

    blkphantom Ol'Timer

    Thanks for your kind words.Im not much of a writer or photographer.My hats off to all that post reports!
    Actualy we did have to cut our trip short a few days for work issues.
    We were not in much of a hurry tho as all the citys were new to us.
    The bikes were not any problem and ran fine on Lao naam man.
    I was glad to have my rain gear and my GT Rider Lao map!
    What is the deal with the big truck ferry in Chiang Khong, can you just drive on and buy a ticket? We took the small boat,which was fine.But next time I would like to try the big ferry. Thanks, Al
  7. Auke

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    Yes, be careful as the traffic cops are out in force at many places in Vientiane as well as Thakhek and they are looking for beer money (Lao New Year is coming up).

    Got stuck yesterday at the road to the Friendship bridge juts past the Beer Lao brewery for speeding (77 km in a 50 km zone). Could pay at the Police Station the next day or pay on the spot without a receipt. Remember that the maximum speed in villages, etc. is 30 km/hour so watch out.


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