Phnom Penh Restaurants

Oct 2, 2009
For anyone passing through PP:

Khmer Surin - Street 51 on the corner of 278/282. Really tasty Khmer & Thai food in a great setting with cheap cheap prices

Obviously California 2 on Riverside - the essential hangout for any GT Riders in town.

Freebird - Street 240: Great breakfast and hangover cure to set you up for a long day of touring and you'll never be called 'bong' as much in your life. Great to have a cold towel handed to you when you sit down.

If you can speak even a little Khmey then try out Tropic BBQ on Street 456 (I think), turn left 2 streets after the Russian Market going South on 155 and its on the right hand side. Awesome BBQ in a nice setting with super cheap meal. (If you don't mind cooking your own). If you get lucky then the manager who speaks English will be working.

I could have the list running and running as there is so many places.