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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by jethro69, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. jethro69

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    Hi folks,

    Was considering to buy a camera, I can fix directly to the bike. I found out if I have to use my normal camera, I'm most of the time back with no pictures at all. While surfing, I came across this little thing , which seems to be sold in BKK (Seacon Store for around 12-13K :|) does anyone use this or an similar product, and what is the experience with it?.
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  3. DavidFL

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    I searched for gopro camera & turned up these.

    I hope they help.
  4. Naz

    Naz Active Member

    any alternatives to go pro???

    im sure Chints made some cheap thing for same application, wich would be weather proof or housed as well.

    I know myself i know my get offs i would be very worried about expensive camera for sure..because no matter how everythingproof it is- it would be broken sooner or later. Im sure road riders have a reason to buy high end camers, but i dont understand a dirt rider who buying top notch camera to shoot....dirt.... dirt...some falls... and then dirt again... i can't see it reasonable
  5. TonyBKK

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    Plenty of alternatives to the GoPro are discussed in the second thread that David shared with you above:

    There are cameras with more features and better image quality than the GoPro, but I still think the GoPro is one of the TOUGHEST cameras on the market.

    Ride On!

  6. thaicbr

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    Tesco had the Fuji xp10 for under 4,000b

    Google for specs it looks good. with a ram mount or something..
  7. mussen

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    I realise it's quite a while since the OP's question but we have the GoPro HD for rent so you can try before you buy one.


    Miguel's Nong Hoi
  8. JB2112

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  9. squawk76

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    GoPro HD 2 is out now with some minor improvements and GoPro HD is now even cheaper. Very rugged and versatile little camera

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