Phou Khoun Viewpoint - Post your favourite pictures here

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  2. This view will soon be marred when the pylons and cables are completed ...


  3. NK7_2057.


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    Saw lots of folks walking up the hill overlooking Phou Khoun town,and rode up the hill from the back to see what was going on.
    There were rows and rows of school kids lined up,and after I took the photo they handed out flags to the kiddies,Lao flags and Communist flags.
    Looked like a big production because they were installing entrance gates,grandstand,flagpoles etc.
    My offsider Phil took more photos up close and personal,but he lost his camera so this is about the only pic I have.

    Looks quite celestial I think,with the rays of the sun beaming down.
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    Just up the road from the view point.

  9. Jan 2014.

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  10. The viewpoint is 7.5 kms south of the Phou Khoun road junction of R13 & R7.

    The road junction

    Route 7 from the Vietnamese border was built by the French

    The Battle for Phou Khoun

    In the war the communists came down route 7 from Xam Neua & Phonsavan

    Phou Khoun at the junction was a major point to control & secure the area.

    The Royalist forces stationed an artillery battery and two battalions of volunteers, but on 30 December 1971 they were attacked by communist forces..

    In mid January the Royalists response was to march troops from Vientiane to Vang Vieng from where they were helicoptered into Phou Khoun.

    No sooner had they arrived though when they were overrun 21 January 1972.

    Fleeing the left behind four 105mm howitzers.

    The next day the communists forces were bombing Kasi & on 31st January in control of Kiu Kacham to the North. All too easy.

    It was a couple of months before the Royalists attacked.

    It was a twofold mission – troops came up R13 from the south. 4 battalions, some artillery & 2 armoured cars.

    From the North - Commandos & Guerilla battalions were air lifted to Phou Chia, 30 kms west of the junction. Others came down R13 from Luang Prabanag & Xieng Ngern. On the 15 March then they arrived in Kiu Kacham to find it deserted.

    The next day on the 16th March 1972 they were airlifted to a mountain west of & over looking Phou Khoun. On arrival at the Phou Khoun intersection it was deserted. The road junction was back with the royalist forces.
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