Phra Put Taroupmat Yaiteesut Nailok. The World's Biggest Teak Wood Buddha.

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  1. Spotted on a recent trip to Nan

    Turn off on R101 just west of the Wiang Sa turn off.

    but it is only sign posted in English heading east towards Sa / Nan.

    Down the lane


    The Buddha image was not as huge as I had anticipated, & because of the shelter & bright background, it is damn hard to get a decent photo.

    So overall a bit of a disappointment, but if you want to tick it off as another North Thai tourist spot visited, then check it out.

    The temple wall does have some interesting murals though


    Walk around the back of the chapel & you can get a couple of pretty photos.....


  2. Nan continues to impress!

    Happy Trails! :happy1:
  3. Damm ..... so no 2 days side-trips to MUK again (such a friendly people there) but a tour to Petchabun, Dan Sai and Nan next week?
    Choices! What the heck lets do it both!

    Chang Noi
  4. Nice photos :)
  5. Bump for ChangNoi1 - did you get this one last trip?
  6. There is a new one in Fang called the Oldest teak Buddha. It is in the lying posture and was made from a big old teak tree found in a river. Now at Wat SriMongkol, SanSai, Fang ...about 5 km. before you get to Fang coming from CM. Near my home is also a very interesting Buddha made from woven rattan...and is at the roadside.

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