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Discussion in 'Other: North Thailand' started by DavidFL, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. DavidFL

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    Bike Base



    As cool a group of Thai guys as you could get.

    High school teachers, Shell gas station owners - Buell & BMW Riders

    Bike Base has only been open a few months & generally it is a Harley hang out with a little Harley small workshop at the back

    drop into Phrae & these guys will make you feel welcome in the extreme.
    Befriend them & they will ride out to meet you on your next trip.
    Plus they will show you around town.
    A really really cool group of guys & a credit to both Phrae & motorcycling in the North.
    Thanks for the brilliant hospitality last weekend.
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  3. chiangmairich

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    Agree completely David, a nicer bunch of guys would be hard to find and nothing like a little local knowledge to find the entertainment in town. Phrae is an undiscovered diamond, the bypass road heading north/south doesn't help either.
    Your pics are certainly a huge improvement on my Phone camera!

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