Phrae Festival: Wai Cho Hae Mueng Phrae Hae Tungluang


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong

22 - 28 FEBRUARY 2010.

Phrae Province, Phrae Provincial Administration Organization, Cho Hae Municipality, Cho Hae Temple in cooperate with related organizations will organize the remarkable religious festival “Wai Phrathat Cho Hae Mueng Phrae Hae Tungluang” during 22 - 28 February, 2010. The festival aims at preserving Phrae important old tradition, promoting the tourism of Phrae, and bringing tourists to Phrae Province all this year round. Importantly, it is an annual festival that many travelers who were born in the year of the tiger are waiting to pay homage to the Phrathat (Cho Hae Pagoda) as it is a pagoda of that year.

Mr. Wisoot Buachoom, Director, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Phrae Office, stated that the tourism of Phrae has been growing in a good direction since a travel season at the end of last year. This year Phrae Province was promoted as a year of a commune of people who were born in the year of tiger. In the past, Phrae was perceived as a passage way to other provinces. After there were extreme boost of the tourism in the southern area of the north, Phrae Nan Uttaradit became recognized by many visitors.

The Director also added that “Wai Phrathat Cho Hae Mueng Phrae Hae Tungluang” is an annual festival. This year the festival will be held during 22 - 28 February, 2010 at Cho Hae Temple, Mueng District, Phrae. The activities in the festival will start on 22 February with the parades of 8 districts of Phrae Province. The following days, there will be Tak Bart (give food offerings to a Buddhist monk), to do a merit in Buddhist style, Vien Tien (walk with lighted candles in hand clockwise round a temple). Moreover, there will be Tes Maha Chat Contest, the cultural activities such as Sabadchai drum contest as well as various local traditional performances.

In addition, around Cho Hae temple area, there are many interesting tourist attractions such as Cho Hae Pagoda, Lanna style Buddhist sanctuary, Tun Jai Buddha image, holy spring, ancient bell etc.

For more information: TAT Phrae Office (Tel: 0 5452 1118, 0 5452 1127), Cho Hae Temple (Tel: 0 5459 9209, 0 5459 9073-4)