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    IMG_20170815_160842. IMG_20170816_165234. IMG_20170816_162825. IMG_20170816_101703. IMG_20170816_095800. IMG_20170815_161412. IMG_20170815_161805. IMG_20170815_161239. IMG_20170815_144803. IMG_20170815_144917. IMG_20170817_070549. IMG_20170815_161239. IMG_20170815_160842. Phrae, I have heard it said, is the happiest town in Thailand and with good is simply beautiful. Characterised by a long and interesting history, magnificent examples of Lanna architecture, friendly people and incredible riding, for mine Phrae is one of the must see places in the country. From the living time capsules that are the Vongburi House and Khum Chao Luang museums, incredible temples like Wat Phra That Cho Hae and Wat Chom Sawan to the amazing wooden homes to be found all throughout the district at least a few days is required to explore this area.

    Great riding and exploring to be had along 1023, thru the Doi Pha Klong National Park to Ta Pha Mok, Ban Pin and Long where there are numerous examples of the beautiful teak wood homes unique to this area.

    Get riding guys!
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  2. Hi Dave - your encouragement is noted, and I love those teak temple photos. Phrae is a place that I have only ever passed by on the way to somewhere else, and by your photos, it is clear that I'm in dire need of attitude adjustment! Moto-Rex please take note - a June sortie is in order, and long overdue... We skirted Phrae in February...
  3. Hi Ben, Not sure how the text ended up at the bottom? Didn't post it that way, anyway, you will love Phrae. Go for it mate.
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  4. Great photos Big_Dave.

    Ok I'm in. Phrae looks the goods.

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