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    May be because of the weather today I felt differently. I remember the 1346 as breathtaking, up and down swinging through ever so lush green. May be because today was no postcard weather, no blue skies, it was rainy, at times heavily , at times drizzling. The sky melancholic, in the distance rain curtains touching the jungle. The green was obviously the same lush. The cool air tickled my nose adding a sensual element normally not existent. We were alone, no car no motorbike, here and there a peasant a machete tucked into his belt. What was different? Last year it was sheer beauty.
    This time I was wandering in the Garden Eden.
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    Pico-Pico you are putting thoughts into my head!!

    Just looked it up on the map and admit that I never considered it. Am planning routes around the North and have got the 107, 109 and 1150..... so all the roads around it but never gave it a second look.
    is it a good condition roasd all the way?
    Inspire me some more please.

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    The difference between 107 and a scenic Interstate Highway in Colorado in large parts is that you don't see any offensively pompous McD neon towers.
    Nice to ride, not more.

    I am not suggesting the 1346 is the ultimate road in North Thailand, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is short, much shorter than 1150, which is more dramatic, higher and more stunning views. Pavement was much worse , if I remember right.

    May be it was simply the shortness of this road, the simplicity, the homogeneity and the loneliness, no villages to speak of, the unspeakable beauty of this non-threatening jungle which left me and perhaps only me and perhaps non-recurring if I go there another time with the feeling=
    Garden of Eden. This is Thailand.

    Go and see for yourself.
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    I recently discovered the 1346. It does have a special magic and I think probably best ridden alone. Been there twice this year and will be back.
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    Thanks David. Kad Muang Phi added to the list of "must see" destinations....

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