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    Hi guys

    I will be most obliged if you guys can share some info regarding Phu Chin Fah as I intend to drive up with my family this mid Nov:-

    - place to stay for family of 4 with mid range budget

    - condition of road (by saloon car) to the peak to see the panaromic view of Mekong as shown in some pics posted in this forum.

    - are there any reasonably good places for food?

    - approx road distance from CNX or Chiangrai to Phu Chi Fah?

    I have approx 3 days to plan the northern trip as I will start my leave on 13 Nov and drive up from Malaysia.........and return by 27 Nov 09.

    Also I would like to drop in to the Kafe to meet the regular GT guys there.


    Warmest regards

    Lip Meng
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  3. thailasse

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    lipmeng wrote:
    Phu Chi Fa Inn Resort ... html#39564

    I stay Phu Chia Fa Inn Resort four times, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2009. Phu Chia Fa Inn Resort is best resort in Phu Chi Fa and this resort open amazing views to the mountain.

    Turn left Phu Chi Fa Resort, continue straight about 200m, turn right and continue about 1km . up to the parking area. Last 700m. must be walk up to the Phu Chi Fa viewpoint.

    Low season when I stay Phu Chi Fa have open only one food place, next to the shop and Phu Chi Fan Inn Resort. No menu, some thai soup, khao phad kai, etc.

    CNX - Phu Chi Fa 298km.
    Chiang Rai - Phu Chi Fa 110km.


    Here is some photos my trip of Phu Chi Fa

    2004, photos 105-158 ... 13?page=11

    2005, photos 207-297 ... 33?page=18

    2007, photos 6-3c

    2009, photos 88-164 ... m71?page=8

    And one my You Tube video also
    Sunrise of Phu Chi Fa 2009
    /thailasse#p ... 3xF1Ep7pWw

    If you going to the Phu Chi Fa don't miss Doi Pha Tang. Doi Pha Tang located next to the Phu Chi Fa.

    photos 49-85 ... m71?page=6

    Doi Pha Tang
    /thailasse#p ... hJFDMvHOA0

    lipmeng, I'm sorry my bad english.
  4. lipmeng

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    Thanks Lassee fro your info and looking forward to drive up there.

    I'll driving up tomorrow and should be in CNX by Mon (16/11/09) evening.


    Lip Meng
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    I'm go two times CNX to Phu Chi Fa
    Route CNX - Mae Khachan - Chun - Chiang Kham - Mauang Chun - Huak -Lao U - Phu Chi Fa

    One times
    Route CNX - Mae Khachan - Chun - Chiang Kham - Pang Ha - Lapadee - Phu Chi Fa
    118-120-1021- 1155 - 1093

    And last june we riding Phu Chi Fa from Pua. Up to Phu Chi Fa via Pang Hat and Doi Pha Tang.

    Lip Meng, have a nice trip to Phu Chi Fa. This is my TOP1 place in North Thailand.
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    Asanee-wasan singa at heart music video from Phu Chi Fa- viewpoint. :wink:

    MV เพลง นัà¸

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