Phu Hin Rong Pla National Park from Udon

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    Weekend trip 19th and 20 th

    Left Udon on 201 to Wang Saprung, took the back road into Dan Sai.
    2113 to 2331 to Phu Hin Rongkla National Park, this is actually the long way but, I had never ridden it, so I enjoyed and the roads were pretty good.

    So off we go 2331, didn’t get stopped at the gate. Took a break at the shopping area. About 15 klms outside that the road got real Iffy. No problem if you take your time. Definetly slow riding though .

    However there is about thirty KLM’s of it. When you get to the Café the road is all new. This is where I slid off the road the last time. The last time though there it was raining and foggy. On this day it clear and you see for miles. Beautiful view.

    On into Lom Sak and over nighted about 350 Klms from Udon. We left at 0930 and got there around 1700 hrs. We were slow riding actually get to see things that way.

    As luck would have it we pulled into the same hotel Greg and Big Bob from Loie were staying that was a pleasant surprise. They sowed is a different way back on roads that were made for a motorcycle curvy lots of climbing Ect. Good road surface just don’t get any better.

    203 to 2016 Wang Saphong, then 201 back to Udon.

    Total distance 520 Klms so on the way back not only a great ride but a shorter distance as well. We left Lom Sak around 0930 and was back in Udon around 1230 HRS.
    If they have a Bike Week in Lom Sak I will ride 2016 to it great ride.

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