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  1. PHU QUOC is now very much on the tourist radar. The inevitable development - occurring at neck-break speed - already sees the island with a wide range of choice in terms of accommodation & restaurants. A brief overview only is merited here as new quality options present themselves almost daily.
    All have web-sites (except where I've recorded a phone contact).
    Read this in conjunction with as many of the options are photographed therein.


    Kim Hoa - 88/2 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong. 540,000vd in Oct/630,000vd in Nov, b'fast included.
    We stayed at Kim Hoa, a larger style hotel owned & operated by the nuoc mam producer of the same name, in a great position mid-way along the 'first stretch' of Long Beach (from Dinh Cao, central Duong Dong & night market to the north down to just south of La Verandah). This is the area along which most of the resorts & restaurants are found; most in walking distance. The hotel has all the fundamental 'whistles & bells'.
    You can see how prices rise in high season (november); in some establishments the increase is substantial!

    Moon Resort - next door to Kim Hoa. $15, fan bungalow; $25AC bungalow.
    Liked the look of this place -its very much in the style of Polynesia with local-style bungalows running down to (but not on) the beach. It has a great beachfront/bar/restaurant set-up.

    Blue Lagoon Resort, &, Saigon-Phu Quoc Resort:
    These two resorts are immediately north of Moon Resort. They are large complexes with substantial beachfronts taking you through to Din Cao. Although they look exceptionally comfortable in manucured grounds they are not my choice simply because those ugly cement retaining walls start to appear on the beach-side as one approaches Dinh Cao.

    Sea Star Resort - the most 'right on the beach' option:


    Casia Cottage - boutique style accommodation (not in background); good restaurant on the beach:


    Thanh Kieu - beachside bar; one of many such choices along the sand:


    Mai House - nicer more upmarket option ($105 - seaview & AC):


    La Verandah - limited number of rooms, great restaurant.....probably the best 'digs' on the island:


    Another bar just south of La Verandah:


    Van- Ny (tel 0918583183) - just completed on the rocky outcrop just south of La Verandah; exceptional fit-out. $80/night:


    Lienh Hiep Thanh - not for me; too many cement animals everywhere.
    Lam Ha Eco Resort - on the wrong side of the rocky outcrop for me.

    Beach Club - isolated but a cement retaining wall is not my scene. $30/room;$40/beachfront bungalow:



    Bai Sao - there are a couple of understated options on this sensational beach. Organise yourself so that you can stay at short notice once the winds are blowing off-shore.

    1. Ong Lan Beach:
    This side of town looks the better option for those wishing to get away from it all:
    Chen Sea Resort - that's Dinh Cao in the background so it's not that far out:


    Mango Bay - very laid back, comfortable & roomy bungalow accommodation. Good spot to chill out.

    2. Cua Can Beach:
    Chez Carole - top knotch; french owned & operated.

    Tent - plenty of options; not as silly as it seems!

    There's plenty of choice so a fleeting look at a couple of spots:

    Night Market - THE place to dine. Great easy going menus at easy going prices in a scene full of ambience. A nice experience for travellers. Recommend Nho (restaurant):


    Le Bistrot - French owned & operated. Will satisfay westerners looking for a 'taste from home'.


    Buddy Ice Cream - casual, cafe-style. Good place for internet; great for ice-cream.

    Peppers Pizza & Grill - satisfying pizzas.

    Pepper Tree - at La Verandah & like the hotel its the most up-market in town:


    Moc - well located in town/Duong Dong near Dinh Cao; good spot if you need a meeting place.

    1. Bai Sao - there are 2-3 options here, more than satisfactory to accompany you at this brilliant beach. First option on the north of the beach:


    The option in the middle of the beach:


    The choice at the southern end completes what's on offer:


    2. Ham Ninh - worth the run over to have seafood overlooking the long jetty.
  2. Wow. Some beautiful options & scenery. Perhaps it will be time after high season to take a break there.
    Thanks again Rod.
  3. What a shame that we can not enter Vietnam with our motorcycles. It has so much to offer.
  4. Already all over the travel guidebooks & agencies throughout the world, catch it now before it 'sinks' under the weight of inevitable tourist numbers, before the authenticity vanishes.

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