Phu Soi Dao Waterfall - Highway 1268

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  1. Thanks Andy, good to see you posting on GTR. These will be a nice help for guys planning rides. If you want to post more info - pics & tips - in addition to the link you are welcome.
  2. Thanks David

    There are a few more to come and will pad out more in posts. Also adding links back to GT Rider from my blog...

  3. The 1268 is an amazing road and the falls are such a nice place to stop and stretch your legs. There's a trail that climbs up to more falls but as I always arrive wearing motorcycle gear I've never found the motivation to hike up there.
  4. I was on the 1268 a month ago, great road.

    A little further south is the wonderful loop north of the 1328 through the Na Haeo National Park. About 30 klms of fantastic scenery and Na Heao waterfall is large and impressive. The river there forms the border with Laos.
  5. Just checked out 1328 on the map, will detour on it out on future trip...


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