Phuket Bike Week 2011 photos

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  1. Went to Patong Beach to check out all the bikes that arrived in droves yesterday - lots of Harleys and Harley-wanna-be's, which I'm not much interested in. Lots of Kawasaki, of course, mostly stock 650 Ninja's and Versys. Loved the two Brutale and the Ducati next to it!
    Big party on the beach tonight but that's past my bedtime.
    Enjoy the pics!

    Attached files 266955=2408-phuket01j. 266955=2412-phuket02j. 266955=2416-phuket03j. 266955=2409-phuket04j. 266955=2413-phuket05j. 266955=2417-phuket06j. 266955=2410-phuket07j. 266955=2414-phuket08j. 266955=2411-phuket09j. 266955=2415-phuket10j.
  2. Could upload only ten pics...

    Attached files 266956=2418-phuket11j. 266956=2420-phuket12j. 266956=2421-phuket13j. 266956=2419-phuket14j.
  3. Took some more today. There must have been hundreds of bikes...

    Attached files 266994=2519-phuket.15j. 266994=2518-phuket.16j. 266994=2515-phuket.17j. 266994=2513-phuket.18j. 266994=2517-phuket.19j. 266994=2520-phuket.20j. 266994=2516-phuket.21j. 266994=2514-phuket.23j.

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