Phuket Bike Week April 10 - 13 2008

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  1. Hot off the press, below are details of this years Phuket Bike Week.

    I also have the press release in both English and Thai, as a Word document, so if anyone wants more details, am happy to email them a copy.

    April is getting pretty busy down south, as April 10-13 is the Singapore Expo.

    Perhaps Ian Bungy and friend's may want to continue riding south after having checked out out PBW 2008.

    The Biggest Motorcycle event in South East Asia Celebrating 14 years of Phuket Bike Week on an international scale and for the First Time Phuket Motorcycle Exhibition on the 10-12 April 2008.

    Schedule of Events – Phuket Bike Week 2008

    10-12 April 2008 Motorcycle Exhibition 2008
    (10.00-23.00hrs) Jungceylon- Patong Phuket Island

    11-12 April 2008 Biker Weekend Party.
    (6pm-24:00) Patong Football Field.

    12 April 2008 Island Bike Cruise

    12 April 2008 Phuket Bike Week Grand Dinner 2008
    (17.00-22.00hrs) Thainnan Restaurant- Phuket Town,

    13 April 2008 Songkran Festival
    (All Day) Bikers Park Up, Beach front outside Graceland Hotel.

    For Information Contact
    99/10-12 Chalumphakeat Rd., Muang Phuket Thailand 83000
    Tel: 076-352069 Fax: 076-261028
    E-MAIL [email [email protected]][email protected][/email], [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] ,
  2. If anyone is thinking of going to PBW, I have just received an email from them, asking for dinner reservations, t'shirt sizes etc.

    Drop us an email, and will be glad to forward the email on to you
  3. Here is the info from John for those interested. :D

    Dear Bikers,
    ถึง เพื่อนๆ พี่ๆ ชาวสองล้อ

    Please be informed if you would like to reserve your Phuket Bike Week Dinner Tickets Please Contact Khun Mai (Ride Thailand Shop Front) on (Limited to 1000places, reserved already 400places)
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] or call 076352069
    แจ้งให้ทราบ ติดต่อคุณไหมเรื่องติดต่อจอง Phuket Bike Week Grand Dinner(มี1,000ที่นั่ง จองไว้แล้ว 400 ท่าน)
    คุณไหมจะดูแลอย่างดี จะอะไรถามได้

    She will take care of your reservations and queries Ka.

    Phuket Bike Week Dinner Tickets cost 1000baht per person
    ราคา1,000/ท่านคุณจะได้รับกิ๊ฟเซ็ต มูลค่ากว่า 1,000 บาท

    and includes a complimentory gift set (merchandise over 1000 baht)

    Please send details
    -Group or Booking Name and contact details
    -T-shirt size
    S = 32"
    XL = 46"
    XXL = 48"

    Best Regards,
    Miss Alissa Russell

    West Coast Ride Thailand Co.,LTD
    99/10-12 Chalurm Prakeat 9 (Bypass)Rd.
    Muang Phuket Thailand 83000

    Mobile; 0866878734
    Office; 076-352069
    Fax; 076-261028,
  4. Its not far away now and its Songkran and hotels may be problematic.

    I'm on the Eastern Seaboard and on a prvious thread (Esaarn) some of you guys were talking about going down.

    I'd like to go down and Franz indicated he might go as well. So, any of you guys from the North and North-East planning to go?

    If so, what day and where to meet South of Bangkok?
  5. Hi guys

    As Dougal said some of are going down,, NOW it's time to put your self for a list,, If you are heading to phuket from KK,Sisaket,Ubon Udon aor any where else on this part of TH,, tell us so we can set up A meeting point where ALL of us can drive to Phuket same time (if you wish t do so)

    We coming from Ubon and have not yet desided where to meet every one, but 1 choice is Nakhon Phatom after BKK, but as many guys are staying in HH we might end up to stay night there,,,

    WOULD be nice if we could get huge convoy either after Bkk or from HH if one wish to stay over night there...

    let us know...
  6. And here goeas away my good planning,, Company called and i need to head back to work (Valparaiso,Chile) on 11th april, back around 3mth.

    It's sad when people drinking in they work place and then will be terminated, eventually distroy other vacation.......

    But I'll BE BACK
  7. Peter, I'm not yet sure if I can go as the coming weeks I have the yearly shareholdermeetings, they will be here until early Saturday 12th, then I'm still waiting for both my new numberplate & 2 original sidecases for the FJR, if I get everything in time I might leave on Sunday 13th. Will call you early next week. Cheers, Franz
  8. OK Franz. I'm planninig to start on Thursday 10th. April and not sure when I'm heading back. I think it will all be over by Sunday.
  9. Total disappointment! I will definately not be going to the PBW next year.

    Apart from the long boring highway riding to get there, it appears the organisers fell out with one another and the Bike Week as such got split into 3 locations. No clear info on that either. One was on the beach, one in the OTOP center and the third in Phuket town. There was hardly any bikes at the OTOP or beach and if it was'nt for the Malaysians and Singaporeans they may as well have closed it down.

    Next year I'll be heading North.
  10. Dougal, if it's any consolation, I went from Phuket all the way to Chiang Mai for their bike week last December, and that was a complete shambles as well.

    Did you get to see bike expo at Junceloyn, any good.......
  11. Seems all Bike Weeks are like Inter-Hashes, Everyone Competing to Be the One to Get all the Money!!! If the Idiots would Concentrate on the Object of it all instead of trying to Make a Business out of it everyone would be better off. From every Report i have heard from anyone Pattaya still seems to Rule the Roost for Organisation :!:
    "Ask Not what your Country can Do for You, Ask What can You do for Your Country?"
  12. So Guys

    Anyone going to risk Chumpon Bike Week, next month.......
  13. Guys you're right. The bike weeks in Pattaya, Bang Saray and Bang Saen were excellently organised.

    The bike expo in Phuket I visited in the morning and from The Motorshow pics from Dave not nearly on a par. I only saw BM, Yamaha and a couple of Suzukis and noone seemed to be able to answer any questions. Oh well.

    So TJ, what about Chumphon?
  14. Dougal and guys

    It's seems like i was lucky to be called back to work and not riding down below,,,but really sorry to hear that PBW was totally meesed up..

    Well,, now work until August and then will see what is going on in the Roads of thailand.

    Adios from Panama canal now
  15. Yeh Marco you did'nt miss much.
    August is still the rainy season but I could certainly get out for a weekend.
    What is your rotation? I'm still planning a big trip in December.
  16. Dougal

    I'm going to miss the tour,, if everythnig is going as it's lookign now, im off back to work on November to Feb 7th..dammit,,,, :cry:
  17. Hey, the weather is still nice and cool in Feb; I could always get away for a week plus 2 weekends, so a 9 day trip.
    I'll be going North in December anyway so can plan a nice route for Feb.
    What do you think?
    Maybe better PM or e-mail me as we are going off the thread here.

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