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  1. A bunch of us will be riding in for teh PBW...I am very interested to hook up and put more faces to nicks of the GT riders.

    Our rough plan:
    Apr 8 - Nite in Songkla
    April 9 - Nite in Ao Nang, Krabi
    April 10-11 - Nites in IBIS Hotel, patong
    April 12 - Nite in Hatyai
    April 13 onwards...nites at Home Sweet Home! ...

    Otherwise, we can meet up during the PBW official dinner on Apr 11...

  2. Hi
    And no beer :cry: :cry:

    Those who enjoy a drunken water fight at Songkran (Thai New Year) will also be in for a shock this year: the Act also bans alcohol sales during a number of Thai festivals – Songkran included.
  3. WHAT???? no beer/ Damnation! ...and to think my original post in a Malaysian bike site was this:

    April 8 Wed: Depart 7am Rawang R&R Petronas station... for Songkla (Approx 550km)...ETA 3pm. Relax by the beach, I drink beer (u drink coke!) , have massage + seafood dinner.

    April 9 Thurs: Depart 9am for Krabi Ao Nang Beach (approx 300km)..ETA 12pm. Relax by the beach, I drink beer (u drink coke again), have massage + German/Swiss BBQ, drink beer.

    April 10 Fri: Depart 11am for Phuket Patong (approx 200km)..ETA 3pm. Relax, I drink beer (dunno what u will drink!), eye candies, massage, eat & be merry, and throw water at people

    April 11 Sat: Songkran full swing! Phuket Bike Week! Ogle at bikes, throw water at babes and i drink lotsa beer! Dunno what u drink. Party till late!..
  4. my group of 10 will be at phuket mar10-12...Any GTriders there?

    I would love to meet up and share a couple of memory of good ol' TJ...
  5. Hi Joko,

    I'll be riding down with a bunch of guys, both Thai and Farang, some are members here on GT-Rider, but most aren't.

    Not sure where we're staying yet- others are organizing the details, but would be cool to meet some fellow GT-Riders from Malaysia and Singapore!

    Happy Trails!

  6. I'll be around from the local contingent....

    Pm me/email
  7. Yes. We are looking forward to a GT gathering :)


  8. I should also be around for the week. Let me know what the events are and where people are and I'd love to meet up for a ride, a beer or both. Feel free to PM me.

  9. Hi All!

    I'm planning to join a Yamaha organized ride from Bangkok to Phuket for the Bike Week. I'm not 100% sure what the ride schedule is. Bard's out of the country working and Trent's bike will not be rideable for another 6 weeks or so, and I hear Peter sold his XJR1300 and is looking for a new bike so I'm no longer quite sure who's still going at this point.

    I will try to swing by the Yamaha Big Bike shop tomorrow to drop off some parts for Bard and to double check with K. Ek or Mr Man about the ride. Might be a little weird for me to show up on a Kwacker if my usual Yamaha "sponsors" aren't there... But then again- those guys are so cool they probably don't give a crap about it.

    I believe the ride is scheduled to depart Bangkok on Thursday the 9th and we'll overnight in Ranong the first night and continue on to Phuket via the Coastal Highway 4 on Friday. I'll double check tomorrow and let you know if I can get more details, ok?

    Anyone else is thinking about going from Bangkok area? Chime in!

    Happy Trails!

  10. i went down to Patong for Saturday arvo festivities...meeting up with Steve and Aaron....

    There was the 'organised ' ride to Cape Prom Thep....heading out of Patong ...big chief someone or other headed north....dah...had to head him off and point him in the right direction....very funny...on the the cape...


    does anyone know this guy ?

    some weird and wonderful bikes..


    my mate "Fatty" owns the best value steak joint in town...on the road from Chalong to Phuket town.

    These guys on their little motards were awesome...very skilled....

    Then back to the beach and the noise...what is it with Thai sound systems.....?

    AC/DC tribute band..actually bloody good....

    Called it a night around midnight and it was rocking......had to be up in the morning to ride....

    All set to go out....and Mummy wouldn't let someone come out to play !!! I was dressed ready to go...oh well on my own again....short ride, forgot the camera.....
    Happy Songkran all.....enjoy the festivities...

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  11. Siinthai
    Thanks for the photos & taking the time to post them. Good work.

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