Phuket Shops with Big Bikes for hire

Jun 21, 2006
Priced up a bike rental shop in Patong, the main resort on Phuket.
Shop name is

email. [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

All prices in Thai Baht per day, discount if taken longer.
They don't like the idea of bikes going off the island, and will only let you go around Southern Thailand, like down to Hat Yai, and the border. Going over to Koh Samui is okay, but no further north.
Also no discount for a week etc, if the bikes are being taken off the island.

Honda Steed 600cc 600 baht
Honda Shadow 400cc 700 baht
Honda CB750 600 baht
Honda CBR 400 600 baht
Honda CB400 Super 4 600 baht
Honda CB1300 1,200 baht
Yamaha VMax 1200cc 1,200 baht
Yamaha TDM850 800 baht
Honda CB1000 1,000 baht
Jun 21, 2006
Motor Bike Hire on Phuket

The best place to go is Patong, the main resort on Phuket, just walk along the sea front and all along are guys with their bikes lined up for hire.

I just picked the first one I came to, the 2 Thai guys are Mud 081 978 5458
and Golf 081 091 9078 they are open 9-6 7 days, and speak good English. I have no experience of renting from them, just thought I would post prices to give you guys some idea. These prices are as at March 28th 2007

All prices quoted are for daily hire, obviously longer you can negotiate yourselves, and all bikes are registered.

CBR 600 F4 1200 baht per day
Yamaha R1 1700
CBR 600 RR 1500
CB 400SF Vtec 700
VTR 1000 1200
Fireblade 954 1200
Dragstar 400 700
ZX9 1200
Shadow 400 700
Shadow 750 1000
Transalp 400 700
Africa Twin 750 1200
CBR 1000RR 2000
GSXR 1000 RR K2 2000

As you can see from the foto's below, just look for a couple of Thai guys sitting at a table under an umbrella, on the beach front road, all the bikes parked alongside them are for rent... just take your pick



Apr 10, 2006
I rented this honda last oct on the beach rd at the southern end of Patong, not sure what model it is but it was a 650 or 750 I guess
and I paid 600 baht per day over 2 days. It was quite punchy compared to a 650 shadow I hired in Pattaya, only problem I had with it was that the reserve didnt work as I found out when it ran out of petrol coming back from Phang Nga and I had to push it over the bridge connecting Phuket to the mainland until a nice Swiss guy stopped and got some petrol for me.

Nov 15, 2010
tropicaljohno wrote: Priced up a bike rental shop in Patong, the main resort on Phuket.
any updates for this thread, it's 4 years on now. Am interested in a local rental sportbike

Jan 16, 2010
In my past few visits I have used Tony's in Rawai/Nai Harn. Easy to deal with this English guy. Small range of big bikes. Can't remember prices but they were competitive. Allowed me to take bike down to Malaysia.


May 10, 2009
Kawasaki Versys for rent in Phuket.

Contact Knun May on 0850680087 for rates and details.