PICO's Next Ride?

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  1. Mike, the most convincing argument for that sexy bike-bullet is that the sidecar is roofed in.
    Meaning without an intercom I would not have been exposed to 5/ km complaints by Princess Sao about my driving in over 100.000 km.
    For vulgar cash reasons I will have to continue to be sucker of punishment.

    No, I have not done any rides lately, except to Chiang Khong to see David an May.
    Reason is that I found my place. But I guess just crusing around Greater Chiang Mai to find THE place neede serval thousand km. Now I am very happy in my house at the Ping River in Mae Rim.
    And I realized that I did too much riding, neglecting my battered body.
    I am more often on my other 3 wheeler.
    See here a shot taken on a tour along the wine route in South Africa
    http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/U1 ... directlink
    http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/zm ... directlink

    It is a wonderful recumbent trike with a 14 Rohloff gear box, most comfortable, the longest ride I did 6 years ago was Berlin, Germany - Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    I get melancholic thinking about that.
    But I must admit, nowadays my muscles are in poor shape and the farthest I have come is to the X-Centre
  2. Pico

    That would be amazing ride for sure and as you know in Thailand they can do anything, as they done Copy ferrari as well,, so ask Joe,,im sure he can do it for ya.

    And what becomes too much riding,, there is no such a thing than too much, but i know your condition and you just have to take it in small doses,,not doing 500km per day, slowely but surely.

    I miss my biking already and as soon im well,, and hoep not too much rain here, im off to riding.
  3. Sure it would cost less here . Have been thinking that there ought to be a market here too at a lesser price.This recumbent bicycle costs as much as some motorbikes.
    270.000TBH + import duty the amount I have conveniently forgotten about.
    Handicapped beggars can not be choosers.
    I have yet to use my laptop while riding the bicycle=.

    http://hasebikes.com/72-1-recumbent-tri ... flash.html

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