Pigs in Thailand?

Jun 23, 2003
I've never been to Thailand, but it sure looks like fun. If I ship my GS ADV over there, is the size and weight of the bike going to be a problem?

Also, what about fuel availability. The GS can sometimes have trouble digesting "high" octane fuel here in the U.S., and I'm wondering if that'll be a problem too.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
No trouble to ride your bike here and get satisfactory fuel – is 96 Octane every 80 kms good enough?
I would not worry about the bike being too big or heavy, unless you want to go trail riding, and even then it wont be the bike that will let you down.

There’s heaps of good info & tips on the GT Rider site for you to digest. Start with
and just work your way through.

Regarding bringing your own bike – rule # 1 is DON’T ship it to Bangkok and expect to get it cleared. Your best bet is to ship the bike to either Singapore or KL, and then ride it into Thailand. Another alternative, if you have cash to spare, is to fly the bike to Bangkok and just clear it at the airport in a day.
Take a look at
if you want more info.

I’ve asked local BMW GS Rider, Robert Heikel, to reply with some tips & info. He’s got 2 BMW GS models here & both are from o/seas, so he knows the ropes and a few tricks even. Actually he might want to sell you one of them if you are interested – might save you time and money shipping one over from the US.

I hope this is a help.

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Jun 23, 2003
Thanks for the great info, David. I don't think I'll be spending enough time there to want to actually buy a bike in Thailand and then sell it before I leave. However, I may be able to spare enough time to make it worthwhile to ship my own bike out from California rather than renting something. Actually, it'll probably cost me more to ship mine, but having my own familiar bike would be an added benefit.
Feb 23, 2003
Hey Turkish:

This is Robert writing from Chiang Mai. Sorry about the slow reply to your original request but I have been out of town in the Philippines for a couple of weeks. David had told me of your interest in coming to the land of smiles. Come on over !!! You will have a blast. Your face will hurt from your new permanent smile once you arrive here and start riding.....I have a brand new Adventure that I bought in Sydney last month and flew up here. Also have a 2001 1150 gs that I bought in Sydney as well last year and flew here. Three years ago I brought a Goldwing 1500 from Los Angeles to Bangkok. No problem to clear customs. Just fly the bike in to Bangkok airport. What David says is true, if you bring it in by boat you will be lucky to see it again. The airport customs takes about a day to clear. Show up early, smile a lot, be patient, and never use any phrase that starts with" but back in America....". I took my 1150 GS through Laos with mystery octane gas. No problem, just did not wheelie as well. As David says, high octane gas is EVERYWHERE in Thailand. I am in process of trying to get my older brother to buy my 1150. Not sure when that will happen. If not maybe we could work out some sort of rental. My bike is exactly as new. See you when you get here. It may seem like the mysterious east before you come, but once you are here you will be kicking yourself you did not come before !!!!! Cheers Robert ( a damned American )
Jun 23, 2003
Thanks for the info, guys! I'm looking into shipping options now. Maybe I'll see you later in the year.