Pillion Mum on a Honda Wave

Jan 18, 2007
Did the Samoeng loop today on the back of son's Honda Wave - what an amazing little bike.Marcus is no light weight & I'm bigger,so with a combined weight of approx.28stone it had to work hard.A lovely drive,good to be out of the city & breathing fresh air.Spectacular scenery-great view of the elephant camp & some beautiful gardens.Stopped off at a new resort & looked around the rooms - very unusual with gorgeous fabrics & fabulous bathrooms.Every 'cottage' done differently from ethnic style stone & wood with 'mud' bathrooms to completely over-the top lace & marble European one.Very funky design and big rabbits hopping about & lazing in the sun.Definitely a place to impress the other half - should you boys ever want or need to!Fondcome Village Resort www.fondcome.com No idea of prices,might break the bank of course.But very different plus an enjoyable ride - there can't be many sons who have their Mother on the back.Mind you he's just bought a Kawasaki 250 that I can't get on,so maybe he's trying to tell me something.


Apr 24, 2003
ohhhhhhhh ,great mum has found the site, now i cant get away with any thing,plus chris you posted twice! this is where i get the dyslexia from then!
Oct 12, 2005
This board is a classic attracting all types. We now have the glorious benefit of having Marcuses pillion mum posting. Marcus time to teach mum to ride the scooter[8D]. I taught my father at age 64 to ride motorbikes well enough to wobble around on so I expect high accomplishments from your mom.

I love the tips on how to impress the other halves. Lord knows we need all the help we can get. Have Marcus take you for lunch on the 1252 road. There is a lovely guest house with fantastic environs and food at the establishment in our 1252 report on this sight.

Great stuff and welcome to the bored and let the fingers flow across the keyboard for us all. Enjoy.


Hey Chris!

Welcome to the board and you have got my vote to immediately become a moderator and maybe keep some of us more "outspoken types" inline sometimes! [;)]. Like your board name/alias or whatever it's called too!

Good to see that you are out and about on the Wave and hope you & Marcus share many enjoyable miles. Hope also that he has the time to thrash the D-Tracker round CM Speedway sometime soon too...