Pirates Cove AFL Grand FINAL 2010 The Replay!!!

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  1. Hi all.

    Australian Football League - Grand Final: Collingwood v St Kilda 10-30 am - 3-00pm

    Kick off *should be* 11:10am

    Specials during the match.

    Chang DRAFT 29Baht per glass.
    Rum and coke 39Baht. (white/dark/sangsom)


  2. 12.30pm would have been half time!
    Anyway the replay is on this Saturday 2nd and the first bounce will not be later than 11.30am.
  3. Hi

    Yes lol it was about 11:30 kickoff.

    We will have the replay GF live and with the same drink specials.....

    Pirates cove has offically change hands of today but we will be around for a couple of weeks.

    Thanks Mark and Eeouw

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