Pirelli Scorpion Trail Tyres

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  1. Hi All

    Am in CM for a few days and would like a set of Pirelli Scorpion Trail Tyres for my Versys. Chiang Mai Kawasaki has the front but not the rear. Any sugestions on who in CM may have the rear tyre in stock would be appreciated.

  2. Don't like your chances, supposedly no Pirellis until next shipment in December.
    I managed to get a set of Bridgestone Trail Wings for my Africa Twin via Piston Shop as no Pirellis left.
  3. Thanks Dave

    I may have gotten lucky. A rear tyre is supposedly being shipped here from BKK, arriving tomorrow. Seems I've heard that story before. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. Good luck. I could not get anything Pirelli & had to settle for the Bridgestones, or take Dunlops.
  5. Thanks again David. Rear tyre arrived in CM on Friday as promised. Had the Pirelli Scorpions mounted and was on the road back to Chiang Rai Friday afternoon. They were a big change for the better from the stock Dunlop sportmax tyres that come stock with the Versys. Plans are to be on the road to Laos next week riding Khun Dio as my two riding partners dropped out last minute. Riding solo should give me time to write a trip report and upload some pics.
  6. Finding a pair of Pirelli tyres in Thailand is a joke. The supply is very badly managed. I live close to the importer on On Nut road in Bangkok and the only think I have heard for the last 3 years is "sorry sold out, please wait for next container to arrive".

    I am not going to buy Pirelli's anymore. I will go for Bridgestones, which supposed to be even better if you are looking for touring tires.
  7. Not really fair to blame the distributor. Charlie and Ko order as much as they can, but Pirelli is not able to meet the demand.

    I stock up when they get a new shipment and keep a couple sets of Diablo Superbike, MT60 Corsa RS and Scorpions safely stashed away to make sure I never run out. ShowPow keeps expanding, but so does the Thai motorcycle scene.

    Bridgestone makes some good touring tires, but nothing that compares to the Scorpion Trail.
  8. Get your point but still very strange that for the last few years Pirelli had supply issues in Thailand. You would say that in the long run a big company like Pirelli should be able to deal with this kind of luxury problem. I guess I have to start stashing up tyres too then. Especially some Rosso 2's (amazing tyre I have to admit) for my Ducati.

    I was referring to sport touring tyres for my Versys. The Strada's are coming to an end. If I stick with Pirelli I have to go for Angels. Will try to get some BT023's.
  9. " You cant sell goods from an empty barrow " it would appear that all the stockists dont seem to be buying enough to meet the demands. Perhaps Im mistaken but it appears that most seem to be buying only a few sets of a particular tyre which goes almost immediately.Perhaps they dont want to outlay the $'s up front. It seems ridiculous that riders are having to pre-buy and keep several sets of tyres just to keep in reserve. An example would be Kawasaki CM who are selling many big bikes almost daily but many a time Ive seen that they do not have any replacement tyres in stock. You"d have to be pretty lucky to go in there and be able to get your preffered set straight away. It can happen but most times not. I agree with NickyBKK that the major tyre companies such as Pirelli and Bridgestone seem to be able to supply their tyres worldwide without any issues so why would Thailand be any different.
  10. For road touring tires I'd go for the BT023's. I don't know anyone that's been very impressed with the Angels... Most of my friends who've tried them complain about poor grip and "wooden" feedback from the Angels. BT023's have had nothing but good reviews.
  11. Supply and demand... Thailand is one of the fastest growing bike markets in the world, and suppliers are struggling to keep up with demand. It's not just tires. We've all read about the long waits for some bikes in Thailand. Remember when there was a 6 month waiting list for the ER6n? Right now there's a LONG waiting list for the Ninja 250R. I don't hear people slagging off on Kawasaki for not being able to meet demand though...

    Charlie explained to me that Pirelli is not able to supply the quantity of tires that ShowPow wishes to order. True or not? I don't know. But they've always been very honest and upfront with me and I'm inclined to believe them.
  12. Saw a pair of Scorpions on a bike in the showroom of BMW the other day, might be worth a shot...
  13. I guess I got lucky yesterday. Passed by Pirelli on On Nut and asked them what they had in stock for either my Versys or Monster. The girl told me that she had 1 pair of trails left for the Versys.

    Will be going on a 1 week trip to Cambodia next week. I am excited to see how the trails will cope.

  14. Scorpions delivery seems OK now, got mine today, but have still to put another 2000 on the old pair (toward 9000 km). I just placed an early order to be sure for January.
  15. I must have been real lucky,i took my er6n into chaing mai kawasaki for a service,and was looking at a set of scorpion trails on a new versys,so i asked the lad could he order some,and he came back and said we have 1, so i asked him could he order the other 1,so he said come with me,and showed my 1 set.i bought them straight away and had them fitted,a lot better for the roads up here than the diablo rossos i had on before.

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