Pirelli Track Day at BIRA Circuit December 26th, 2010

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  1. Fantastic Pirelli Track Day at BIRA Circuit on Boxing Day-

    166549_10150348133535710_508210709_16533195_629724  6_n.jpg

    166183_10150348134405710_508210709_16533225_206013  9_n.jpg

    Was cool to meet GT Rider member JohnnyE and his son who came all the way from Chiang Mai to enjoy a day of fun at BIRA Circuit. That's his immaculate RVF400 in the pic above. Beautiful bike!

    Here's a vid from a friend of a friend:

    Great to see West as well. He was riding a mean looking and sweet sounding GSXR 1000 K5.

    Here's a vid I took while riding behind West for a coupe of laps:

    I thought I'd be riding my K5 as well but when I fired her up the day before I got an engine light so I need to figure out what's going on before I take her to the track. I took her for a short run and she seems to run just fine, but don't want to risk a track day until I know why that light is on. Lots of K5 and K6 riders at BIRA and they suggested it could be a fuel issue as the bike has been sitting for a while with a tank full of gasohol...

    Fortunately I've got the ER6n "RR" as backup ;-)

    British Superbike and Irish roads racer, Gary Johnson won the Red Race by a very comfortable margin and gave me some free advice on the suspension setup of my ER6n- THANK YOU GARY!

    Felt good and managed to beat my personal best lap time and clock a 1:14 lap here:

    Let the Good Times ROLL!

  2. I was reminded yesterday at BIRA Circuit that the limiting factor is usually the rider and not the bike when Blue Rider Mickey kept passing me on his Kawasaki Ninja 250R-
    150857_161023873939008_100000941889332_281338_6324  777_n.jpg

    Damn he's quick and fearless!!! Here's a video of me chasing him:

    Catching and passing him was NOT easy!!! I had no idea a Ninja 250R could go that fast!

    148804_161023730605689_100000941889332_281329_1206  353_n.jpg

    Ride On!

    163717_10150348345950710_508210709_16537499_135212  5_n.jpg
  3. Well done Tony! Great Videos! I can't believe that an 250 Ninja is that Fast? Must have had a lot of Work done to it surely? Incredible! Keep up the Good Work.
  4. Hi Tony, surely you have set a benchmark with that time. You rode exceptionaly well, congrats ! Thanks for the vid of our warm up laps. Cheers West

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