Place to recondition a helmet? / My leathers are very dry and stiff

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    Hello All

    how's it going? My holidays will begin soon and I want to ride for at least a week.

    My SCHUBERTH helmet needs re-foaming. Where can I get this done? I asked at a few bikes shops in different towns, but Chiang Mai is the uncontested Bikers' Mecca...

    My leathers are black, dry and stiff. Is there a place where someone could treat them?

    Or could you recommend some product to freshen them up?

    Ride on!

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  4. hs0zfe

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    Thanks a lot, Ron!
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    Based on Ron's recommendation I contacted Thai Antinoc through the above link. I told them I needed to refurbish my Shoei helmet. This was their reply:

    I called Mrs. Oranong (she speaks English) and she said EMS my helmet to her at the store, and enclose 1,000 baht for refurbishing and to cover the cost of EMS back to Chiang Mai.

    I sent my helmet on Wednesday, and Saturday it was delivered back to my house in Chiang Mai. She replaced the entire liner, and redid the cheek pads with new padding and leather. She "grafts" the new liner to the original Shoei snaps and fittings. It is still removable for cleaning and IT LOOKS AND FITS GREAT!

    I know helmet manufacturers recommend replacing helmets after 3-5 years, but my helmet doesn't have a scratch on it and a replacement would be in the neighborhood of 22,000 baht. If you want to get a few more years of service out or your helmet, this is the way to go. :clap:

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