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  1. Anyone have a good place to stay in Chaing Mai that is not expensive and close to the bike shops? I plan on being in Thailand for the month of Jan 2009 -- come to Chaing Mai ---rent a bike--and head out and i am PSYCHED !!! Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks guys John H
  2. Hi JB,

    Simple - plot up at Jonadda's guest house for decent cheap accommodation, meet DavidFL, fill him up with Jamesons and get good riding advice, then come and rent a bike from me - easy peasy!!! :D


  3. John
    Welcome to the forum& good to know you're coming for a ride & tour around.
    To help you get started check out "local" tips at ... t3374.html
    also ... -t555.html
    has a list of links / short cuts on where to find the right info fast.

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