Places ro ride to and stop overnight from Pattaya ?

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  1. Hello Just rode down from Chaing Mai and in Pattaya, when my backside has recovered I am looking to ride somewre and stop overnight by the sea and not as hectic as Pattaya and suggestions welcome.I looked at Forum for days rides out but just wondered were you would head to ?

  2. Just head east mate- Rayong- Chantaburi- Trat.
    it's beautiful coastline all the way to Cambodia :happy1:
  3. Bloody hell, Tony just beat me!
    I just wanted to say the same, just follow your front wheel along the Eastern Seaboard. Even just south of the concrete Pattaya city it gets nice at Bang Saray and Sathahip, then a bit of mess follows at Rayong but after that its is all nice beaches (some even with hotels) all the way to Had Lek!

    The sea-side "behind" Chantaburi is actually amazing beautiful to follow along the sea, but check out the road a bit before as there are some rivers and not much bridges!

    The mountain-sides at the other side of Sukhumvit road (after Rayong) are also beautiful and have some amazing twisty good road.

    Chang Noi
  4. Thanks very much I took your advice and rode that way to Koh Chang a good ride. I am back in the uk now waiting for next year and another trip. I will post details of my ride Bangkok to Chaing Mai back to Koh Chang in the floods soon

    Safe riding


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