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  1. My name is Marjos, 35, f, from Amsterdam: Am new to the board but i figured i'd drop a post: My first day in Laos: Vientiane.
    Just spent three months on an enfield through india , nepal and tibet and am hooked on travelling by bike. Plan now is to rent a Baja and ride through Laos. (Vientiane - Vangvien- LP - en maybe catch a slow boat upriver (with bike) and ride back from Ban houie Xai?(or other way round) ). If interesting, i'll drop some lines now and then.
  2. Week later: might not be useful to reply to my own topic, but this one is for all the peoples who want to go and do some biking in Laos.
    Its quite simple:
    1) Buy Davids map
    2) rent a baja at PVO's in vientiane (they also sell Davids' map, in case you prefer one-stop-shopping)
    3) handy: buy a lao-language book, more fun along the way
    4) tie backpack on back of baja,

    Off you go: Super friendly people, i think easy roads, lovely scenery..

    Be strong, don't be good..

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