planning a riding tour in laos in a week...

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  1. Hi everybody!

    I'm a newcomer in this forum who comes with some ideas about a tour that one friend and i want to do in Laos.

    First of all, my name is Albert, from Spain, where i ride motorbike every day. I've been travelling for a few months through Asia and suddenly my friend (a danish guy i met here in Vietnam) and i realized that i'd be really nice to be able to ride in laos for a couple of weeks.

    Our idea is, maybe, the next:


    Making the loop in around two weeks.

    We were wondering about the roads quality up in the northeast and if somebody could give us some kind of advice for our trip.

    Still is not sure but we're looking forward to do it!

    Some tricky points come when i have to say that we dont have any kind of international license (thing that only allows us to ride 100cc), that my bagpack is quite big and that i don't have any boots or motorbike pants or whatever... and... well, not much money left! :lol:

    I read in this useful web (thanks!) that we could rent our bikes in Jim's place and drop them in Luang Prabang with some fee in exchange...

    Any advice would be very welcomed, as we're planing to go to Laos in a week or less...

    Thanks a lot and take care!!

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