Planning for 2 weeks riding in Laos November 2012

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  1. Just back in Aus after visiting Laos for 12 days. Time in Vientiane, Vang Viene and Luang Prabang and saw enough to want to come back next year. However next trip will be on bikes with a friend rather than families in a mini bus!

    I've been reading many of the Laos posts and have a few questions.

    We will be flying into and riding from Vientiane and are planning on 2 weeks riding including a couple of days in Luang Prabang to catch up with our wives who don't intend to be left out altogether.

    I use a TomTom here in Western Australia but its time for an upgrade and it seems that a Garmin is the way to go. Thinking of the Rino 650 as if we get seperated we still can communicate as well as navigate. Also these are 2 for 1 here at the moment.

    Any comment?

    Any issues with using VHF radios in Laos?

    I've bought the Laos map from this site.

    Any suggestions on routes, places to see, things to do? While we are both on the dark side of 50 we both have considerable experience in riding, on and off road both here and in Malaysia.

  2. Murray, A friend and I hired bikes from a few years back and found "Jimoi" to be very helpful. He had the bikes ready for us when we arrived. Quynh made hotel reservations for us in a few key places.
    Jimoi knows almost every road in Lao.

    We did a loop around the north from Vientiane and back. I'm still trying to get back to do the south.
    I have a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx and like the power of the receiver. I don't know about VHF radios but we had a phone and could just call. Jimio has everything you need including gear rental.

    Have a great trip.
  3. Thanks Pete,

    Been reading more on GPS's and will talk to my friendly GPS retailer next week, may be the radio is overkill. I usually have bluetooth intercom for coms anyway.

    Have remoteasia on my list of people to talk to so looks like bike hire will not be a problem.

    Much to read but plenty of time to do so.

    Thanks for the response.

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