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  1. Deano747

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    Gudday Guys,

    Just doing the final planning for my next trip up your way next month, and a question or two if I may.

    The route from Nan to Chiang Khong, I was wondering which would be a more scenic ride, the 1091/1021 or the 1080/1148 to Chiang Kham, figuring that I will have ridden a bit of the 1091 getting to Nan 2 days before but in the other direction, and I will also have done a little of the 1080 getting to Tha Wang Pha for the Doi Phukha loop the day before. I have done the 1080/1148 before a couple of times, but never the 1091/1021 combo. Google maps show that as mostly flat.

    The second question is from Chiang Kham, do I then do the 1155 or the 1093 to Chiang Khong. I have ridden both, but recall that there was an old Bailey bridge on the Northern end of the 1093 which wasn't fun, but I do want to see the Phu Chi Fa and Pha Tang viewpoints that I missed out on the last time I rode it due mechanical troubles.

    I will be hiring a Versys (if they can get me one with a rear rack) or an ER6-n, so all on road stuff.

    My trip is basically arrive in Chiang Mai on Friday the 16th Nov, down to Nan on Sunday the 18th, Doi Phukha loop on the 19th, up to Chiang Khong on Tuesday the 20th, Chiang Rai on the 21st, day run to Sweet Mae Salong and Tha Ton on Thursday the 22nd, to Pai on the 23rd, Mae Hong Son on Saturday the 24th, Mae Sarieng on the 25th, and back into Chiang Mai on Monday the 26th. I then have a few days there before coming home on Thursday the 29th. I figured to get the bigger days done in the 1st week, then a much more relaxing pace for the 2nd. It also gives me some flexibility for those mechanical gremlins.

    Hoping to meet a few of you while I am there this time, I will drop into the X center, hopefully on Saturday afternoon the 17th, but definitely on the 27th and 28th.


    Dean Watson.
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  3. Deano747

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    Bumping this.
  4. Dean you got anywhere to stay in Pai? I recommend The Burger Bar..... good food and nice wooden Thai style rooms upstairs, cheap as chips and very friendly. I did a thread on my MHS outing.... you'll have to search for it, it was called "I left me teeth in Pai!"

    Your other routes? I'd do the 1080/1148, and the 1155..... nip down to Pu Chi Fah and then re-join the 1155 further up, no?
  5. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    R1155 or R1093? R1093 is more scenic & arguably a better ride, but...why not try & do both.
    Incoming from Chiang Kham (where do you start from - Nan or Pua?) - take the 1155, over night in Chiang Khong then back track & take 1093 to do Pha Tang & PCF, then down to Chiang Kham & across to Chiang Rai & Doi Mae Salong for the night. Skip out the GT. But to be honest too many options & variables en route. Just take each day as it comes. Master plans seldom get adhered to. Some days potter along & take photos; some days just ride.
  6. TonyBKK

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    ^ Good advice!!! :happy1:
  7. Deano747

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    Thanks all for that. I will starting that day in Nan, so it looks like the 1080/1148 and then the 1155 to Chiang Khong. Long enough day at that. I hadn't thought of backtracking to get the 1093 in on the way to Chiang Rai, excellent suggestion thanks David. Mae salong and tha thon are planned as a day ride out of Chiang Rai at this time, but i have booked nothing except the first 2 nights in Chiang mai and the bike, so it is all really flexible. I do have the burger bar in Pai in my wish list, just gotta find it. I was looking at staying at the Pai River Corner, but again, who knows. Just me and the LHN this trip, so happy to just find a place to stay on arrival this time around.

    Agains, thanks for the advice.
  8. Dougal

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    Hi Deano,

    Sounds like a great trip. Sent you a PM as I may well be up in Nan at the same time.
  9. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Don't miss a night in Do Mae Salong!!
    One of the best over night stops in North Thailand.
    Chiang Rai is just another provincial capital. Give it a miss. Staying in smaller up-country towns & there's lots of god places to stay, is one of the big attractions pf touring North Thailand. Good comfy accommodation everywhere - nothing should be more than 45-60minutes away at a max. So mid-later afternoon start looking for a nice town & place. Play it as you go. Check out the GT Rider town accommodation recommendations.
  10. Deano747

    Deano747 Ol'Timer

    Thanks again for the advice. I have stayed in Doi Mae Salong overnight before, but am tempted by the Mountain Home. The LHN hasn't seen the white temple or the Black artists colony on either side of Chiang Rai, and is keen to do both, so that was the thought behind staying there for the 2 nights. Have to do the tourist thing occasionally......
  11. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    1 night in CEI on the way in, checking out Wat Rong Khun on the way.
    Then the next day Acharn Thawan Duchanee's Ban See Dam on the way out to DMs should work.
  12. Dougal

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    Hi Deano,

    Thought I would be up around the North during your trip but have had to postpone until December.

    Have a great ride whichever route you choose.
  13. Deano747

    Deano747 Ol'Timer

    Dougal, will be sorry to miss you. Looks like we get to go to the Tai Lue Kathin Ceremony in Nan instead of a bunch of beers.

    David, I have taken your advice and plan now 1 night in Chiang Rai, and the next night in Mae Ai. Gives a lot more time for a slow meander through that region. Will be sorry though not to do the 109 again this time around. Can't do everything.

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