Planning Road Trip: Chachoengsao - Korat - Petchabun

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    Hi guys

    I'm planning to go on a well deserved bike holiday with my wife on the second week in October.
    Starting point is Chachoengsao. From there we'll ride to the Village Farm Resort in Wang Nam Khiaw. A nice quiet vineyard, with excellent wine and food. We'll stay there for 1 night and enjoy a little luxury.
    From there we'll ride to Korat to meet some friends and to Phimai to visit the ancient city. This should take about 2 days.

    From there.....I'm not sure. We have 5-6 days more and I'd like to ride to Petchabun and find some nice mountain roads (or at least hills), which I miss so much in Chachoengsao. Never been there, so I would like to make the most out of it.

    So here is my question: do you have any tips on which road I should take, particularly beautiful places to visit, resorts you would recommend?

    Here's the map so far...

    Any help is much appreciated!

    thank you

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