planning to got to Phnom Penh on ER6Ns in august?

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  1. Maximus

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    Is this a good idea?

    Im thinking of Road conditions

    Anybody know if there is a current route with ok road conditions from a border to phnom penh?

    ok meaning riding ER6N safely (we are competant riders and know cambodia) ideally no long stretches without seal

    We plan on staying the night in Buriram and using osmarch or poipet crossing but other suggestions welcome

    Any suggestions of a site i could also ask this?

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  3. brucegsrider

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    Did it a few years ago. Crossed at Poipet then Siem Reap and on to Phnom Penh.

    There are people that will help you through the border at Poipet for a small fee.

    Make sure you have your green books.

    Not sure if it's still the same but you cannot have your headlights on in the daytime for some reason. You will need to remove the fuse for the headlight and you will have to tape over the running lights or you'll get fined.

    Cops are not too different to Thailand, just have some US$ notes handy to make them go away.

    Main cities are OK but there's not a lot of western style amenities in between.

    Always interesting to see other cultures.

    PS don't forget they drive on the right hand side unlike Thailand.

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