Planning trip UK to Thailand 2013

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    Hi All, As a long departed ex resident of Chiang Mai I find myself planning a return ..overland in 2013. Planning is fairly advanced, there is a group forming in Kahzakstan in June 2013 to share the guide costs of China. Current timing should see me arrive in C.M. August 27th 2013. Now my knowledge of the Laos Thai border entry at Hue Xai Chiang Khong is a bit old. There was a ferry and you had to go down the road to customs to do the paperwork to import your bike into Thailand. I have been told the jungle road is now sealed all the way? My plan is to "forget" to get the bike added to my passport, this would have enabled me to leave the bike without worrying about failure to export etc. My question is ...has anyone any info ideas with regard to my potential problem ( Family will be flying out to meet me and then we will be holidaying in Thailand July August and then we are all flying back to U.K.) Hi David hows things?


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