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    Well had visions of exploring Thailand and all its off road capabilities with a 250 Baja whilst living in CNX. Need to change plans as I crashed skiing the other day and buggered up all the ligaments (tendons)in my knee[B)]. Soooooo my dirt bike riding shall be limited until I heal so I may have to direct it towards more pavement oriented exploring. Maybe I'll just raise the gearing on the XR 250 and throw some supermotard wheels and tires on it. Jeez 20 HP on a streetbike sounds a bit granny like though[;)].

    A question if I may. Where do you gents go for quality medical treatment in CNX? I shall have the surgery done in the states but want a competent doc to monitor its rehab. Is good quality physical therapy (other than bars) also available locally or is Bangkok Burmingrad the only decent choice in LOS?
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    Take a look at

    Dr Sudhee Sudasna
    Mon - Frid: 1800 - 1930 hrs
    Sat closed.
    Su: 0930 - 1130 hrs
    38/4 Chiang Mai - Lampang Road. (Diagonally opposite Wat Ched Yot.)
    Phone: 053 - 214 139

    From experience I can personally recommend Dr Sudhee. He's is a brilliant orthopaedic surgeon, got a very good relaxed, confidence-building manner, and speaks fluent English.
    His plastic surgeon mate, Dr Somsak, is also excellent, (road rash never looked so good).

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    I forgot you had even covered this on the site. thanks a load for the expert finger pointing guiding me. Cheers.

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