PNH-Prey Veng via Vihear Suor


Jan 3, 2004
Went out on a group day trip yesterday (31/1/04). Traveled north from Pnh on paved road about 22k from the Japanese bridge. Took a ferry across the Mekong (500 riel now) and headed east. I did the trip a year ago with a partner of mine and this year it is night and and day. Absolutely no water. Traveling to Vihear Suor there is elevated hardpack road that is in pretty good condition. the bridges seemed to be in newer condition as well. From Vihear Sour to Pearing and Kancham the road and trails have become a sand box. Right out of Vihear Suor we passed a few long boats that looked out of place. This time last year the trails twisted through and around large puddles and there was plenty of water in the adjacent paddies. In a few spots there were some make shift rope tow ferrys however yesterday we could have driven up a canal. From Kancham we headed north to a town where a new sign had labeled the area as a resevoir project. You wouldnt have thought it was a resevoir by the looks of things yesterday, though the adjacent town is home to a large population of water buffalos. From there we headed east/south east through sugar palm plantations until we hit the 314 south. It wasnt much of a road in the beginning but as we got closer to the 11 it became much better. Major work on the 11 completed and the trip south to Neak Luong Ferry through Prey Veng (and probably all the way to Kampong Cham) is wide smooth asphalt. Left at 9am and back to Pnh by 8pm. Long Day but most of that due to larger group traveling. During the rainy season Kampong Cham to Prey Veng will be really scenic and easily do able on larger road bikes.