Police crackdown on helmet use-loud exhaust in Pai


Nov 18, 2008
There seems to be little or no discrimination on this round of enforcement-both Thai and Farang are being targeted. No helmet, 500 baht fine, loud exhaust, 1000 baht fine. I know one person with with a Wave and one with a Chaly, both with custom exhausts that have been ticketed by police that are set up by the bank (in the shade) on the corner across from the bus station. If they're going after the little bikes I'm sure the big bikes/dirt bikes are not being spared. Just a "heads up" for those who might be traveling up this way. And one cautionary note: If actually ticketed, staple the receipt in your green book-I sold a Kawa Boss and the green book couldn't be transferred because of a parking ticket I supposedly didn't pay a couple of years back. I'd actually paid it some ten minutes after I got it but have long since lost the receipt and after three separate trips to the police station with the Tourist Police as translators it still doesn't seem to be cleared up. A simple letter to to the taxation department will fix it but a case of "loss of face" seems somehow to be involved.