police hassles around chonburi , i am very pissed off

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  1. In the last 7 days i have been stopped at 16 different checkpoints and been asked for license ,insurance etc ...all in order and Its not funny anymore
    also stopped today on way from rayong on the 331, given a ticket for illegal U turn ?????total bullshit of course , its a strait road ,,,,,,,they took my license and sent me off on a 70km run to pay the fine took 4 hours to process and when i got back to the checkpoint they had lost my license !!!!! messed up my whole day

    talking to friends and neighbours it seems the police around here have become very pro active in Chonburi and Rayong due to some Government initiative there are Bangkok compliance ''cops'' taking photos and videos and supervising the locals oh and they are not taking any Tea money,you have to pay the fines properly at a police station .people tell me this over the top policing has been going on now for over 2 months , fortunately i have been overseas much of this yearand I am leaving tommorow again thank god ...hope they get back to normal soon or i wont want to come home .
    almost as bad here now as UK .
  2. Wow, thats a big switch. Things went the opposite way in Bangkok. I was told the new rule in Bangkok was no police check points during the day. Check points were only set up after 9pm. I am not sure what time they had to stop. I never saw 1 police check point in Bangkok during the entire month of August. Thats a big change as I was aware of 3 different check points the were set up every afternoon within a mile of my place on Sukhumvit soi 20. Hope they dont change that and start working it the way you are getting worked. I will stop riding lol.
  3. Yeah, since the Bangkok Brown Mafia have been ordered to stop doing shakedowns in the city during the day it makes sense that they'd travel to neighboring provinces to make up the lost revenue.

    You need to learn to do what we do in Bangkok- just don't stop :)
  4. You need to learn to do what we do in Bangkok- just don't stop

    that does not work here they will chase you ,
    the interesting bit is that you can no longer bribe them when the Bangkok people with the cameras are present
    some of these observers are in civilian clothes and wear police ID badges .

    My wife says she has been stopped nearly everyday when travelling on sukumvit or the darkside when on Motorcycle but not in a car.
  5. Chase you with what? Sounds like fun! :happy1:
  6. theyve been known to chase with a .38 here

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