Police on the BTS Checking Passports

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  1. This is strange

    i found this from one of the Thai forums this morning.

    Again, dont know if this is true but if it is, that is NASTY

    Be aware, as the tourist-driven Thai economy spirals down into chaos, the Boys in Brown are scamming tourists even more than before.

    This sort of behavior used to be limited to street cons run by the Thonglor Police between Asoke and Phrom Phong, now they are doing it up on the BTS platforms. I have personally witnessed this today, Saturday, 20-June-2009, 11:30am, at the Siam BTS interchange station, of all places.

    They seem to be stopping every white-faced Falang and demanding to see his or her passport. (Japanese and other “ASEAN” visitors get a pass, no problem) If the victim is not carrying a passport, then he or she is permitted to pay a “fine” and then go on their way, after much angst and hassle.

    At the very least you should carry a photocopy of the photo page of your passport as well as copies of your current entry page and entry card, but you are safer if you carry your real original passport with you at all times.

    Be warned.

    Judge Dredd
  2. I find this one a little hard to believe- they're taking a big risk randomly harassing foreigners. I look forward to the day they try to pull this stunt on me. I'll have names and badge numbers forwarded to the appropriate colonel and we'll see some heads roll. Wankers!
  3. Hi Tony

    So true, but again knowing some local small potatoes trying to get fast cash in some BTS stations would not surprice me.

    Again you are same than me, i always like to challenge them, and in many case, they have been backing off as i have cousin working in Narcotic depatment as well,, but there is always harmless tourist's who are victims for these crocked coppers, that is sad as they are destroying countys reputation(What is left on it)
  4. Cheers Marco,

    Well- I could see the BiB targeting obvious tourists and backpacker types, but if they start harassing (or accidentally harass) legitimate expats then this will backfire in their face for sure. And there are a lot of expats living in that area which is why this story kind of surprises me...

    I should ride the BTS more- it's really a much better option than riding the bike on Bangkok's mean streets :roll:

    Ride On!
  5. Well, I guess there are two sides to this coin.

    I believe that under Thai law, all Thai's are required to carry at all times their identification card. All foreign nationals are required to carry at all times their current passport showing entry stamp or visa.

    So it isn't really a scam, other than the fact that you are allowed to pay a small 'on the spot fine', rather than being given a legitimate fine and having to go to the police station to pay it.

    That said, it is a ridiculous rule when a passport is such an important document which should be kept securely in a hotel safe, and this is just another example of the stupidity and corruption that is endemic within the BiB. If they sacked 99% of them they still would get rid of all of the corrupt ones.

  6. Huh? It's the same old thing. You are asked to pay and there won't be a receipt. any questions? No receipt => it never happened! What are you talking about?

    How often have you been stopped?

    They set up these checkpoints and often target bikers. parliament should investigate how much the Police is officially handing over in traffic fines
    :roll: :twisted:
  7. Correctly you're supposed to carry ID, or Passport with you. However how many times have I had my passport in for visa renewal and they kept it for a few days in immigration. The BiB is not the ones enforcing this law it's immigration department. Same as it's the labour department who control work permits not BiB.

    I never carry my passport on me, I do carry my Thai driving licenses and I have shown these to BiB when they ask for Passport or ID, they can ask (if looking for a fugitive or what have you) and they never made any problems when shown the driving license.

    If they make noise I call the company hotline, and let them deal with them.

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