Poodling to Pattaya II

Discussion in 'Central Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by bigal, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Well my English friends are in the country again and have told me they prefer to be in Pattaya than with me, can't think why :think:
    Not to be left out I plan to ride down to Pattaya from ChiangMai tomorrow Thursday 21 Oct 2010 which gives me the perfect opportunity to check out the new Nolan N43Air and other goodies I have just purchased.
    A change in situation has meant that this look like being a solo ride unless any one wants to join. Plan is the 11 to around the lop Buri area. In all probability I will have a night in Sing buri then go cross country to the 33 a little, link with the 304 and the 314 before the final 3 and 7 into Pattaya.
    Trip report and product reports will be added post trip but in the meanwhile I am wondering if the rain and floods may be a problem en route so if anyone has info please let me know. Many thanks

    Look out for another shockingly poor post ride video :)

  2. Yep rain & floods will be a problem I reckon.
    Good luck it's going to be wet; & take care in the floods - it's going to be a long ride around them I reckon.
  3. thanks David, starting to think the 11 may be a difficult route so may end up playing safe on the 1 for a while, will see.

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