Possible to ride Viet/Cam/Loas without license

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  1. I have a question. We are travelling through SE ASIA. We rented often a bike in Thailand. Is it possible to ride a bike in Cambodia/Vietnam/Laos without a motorlicense. Do they check your license in these countries. Is it possible to cross the border from "Vietnam-> Cambodia" ,
    "Cam-> Laos", "Laos->Vietnam" without a license?
    I hope somebody knows.


    Peter en Nils
  2. Peter,

    it depends on what you mean by "license". A driver/rider license that shows you are approved to operate a motor vehicle or a license/registration of the motorcycle?

    If its the former - no problem I have heard of.

    The latter is required. If you rent in Thailand make sure the bike has been registered, paid its road tax and is insured. Proof of registration is usually in the form of a registration book that matches the frame number on the bike and indicates the legal owner of the vehicle. Road tax is indicated by an adhesive decal on the bike that has a hexagonal shape and insurance by a round decal. Both decals should be from the current year to be valid.

    To cross a border with a bike you do not own you should take the following:

    (a) Original registration book or at minimum a copy of the registration
    (b) Copy of the owner's Thai ID card and house registration (not sure why the house registration) and have them sign the copy
    (c) A letter stating that you have permission to ride the bike outside of the country that is signed and dated by the owner.

    best of luck,


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